We are closed for the season! Thank you for a great winter!

Tubing Conditions

Hill Status: Closed
Lanes Open:
Slope Speed:

Tubing FAQ’s

AvalancheXpress Staff

Snow tubing is a popular winter attraction and a thrilling downhill experience for the whole family! AvalancheXpress features up to 8 tubing lanes, and 2 powered rope-lines to tow tubers hilltop. We have lighting for night tubing and fire pits to warm you as you enjoy a custom-created hot chocolate just for you!

Payment / Passes / Rates

Can I pay with a credit card?
How long are the passes good for?
One day, All Day
Are there senior rates for AvalancheXpress?
Are there half day rates?
No, but if you only want to come for a couple hours, consider buying a night pass.

About the snow

Is the snow artificial?
No, we use a mix of snow and Ice that is made here on the resort
Where does the water come from to make the snow?
We make the snow using water that is pumped out of our irrigation ponds
Can I eat the snow?
Would you drink pond water?
How cold does it have to be to make snow?
It must be below 28 degrees
Why does snowfall slow down the hill?
Natural snow tends to be fluffy and less dense than the snow we make. This leads to slower conditions until we can get it packed down.


Are tubes included with the price of the lift ticket?
Do we need to bring anything to slide on?
No, tubes are provided for you.
Can I bring my own tube?
No, Due to safety concerns we do not allow guests to bring their own tubes.
How big are your tubes?
Our tubes are 42” wide on the outside and 20” wide on the inside.
Do you have tubes for multiple people?
No, this season we do not have family/multiple people tubes.

Parents / Guardians

Does it cost for Parents / Guardians to watch and not tube?
Can Parents / Guardians just drop their kids off and leave?
Yes, but a waiver must be signed before you leave and your child will be on their own. The staff of Heritage Hills will assume no liability for your child.
Is there an indoor location for Parents / Guardians to sit and watch?
No, the outdoor patio in front of Knickers pub does have heaters and provides a nice outdoor location for watching the hill.

What to wear

What should we wear?
AvalancheXpress is a winter Sport, so we recommend warm clothing. Snow pants and jackets with a hat and gloves are recommended as the snow can be slushy.
Do we need to bring a helmet?
As with any winter activity there is a chance of injury. Helmets may be worn at the parent’s discretion.

About the hill

How high is the AvalancheXpress?
The hill itself is 80 feet in height, but the height with the snow varies day to day based on the grooming
How steep is AvalancheXpress
It varies based on the lane and the grooming.
How do you make the lanes?
We have a snow crew that makes the snow and grooms the hill every day for maximum speed and fun
What is all the stuff at the bottom of the hill?
It is a safety crash fence to ensure that you don’t end up sliding into the parking lot
Do I have to walk my tube up the hill?
No, we have a tubing lift that pulls you up the hill in your tube. You may however climb the hill if you wish.
Is the Hill Kid Friendly?
We build slower lanes when weather permits. There is no age requirement for tubing. For kids, it’s up to the parent and the child. Anyone tubing must be in their own tube and must be able to get in and out of the tube by him or herself. For our guests with little ones, you may hold on to their tube and go down together, but the child does need to be able to get in and out of the tube by him/herself.

Extra Info

Is the AvalancheXpress located on your property?
Yes, AvalancheXpress is located on the Heritage Hills Golf Resort
How long is the wait?
It depends on the day’s attendance
What are the age and height requirements?
There are no set requirements for age and height, however, all tubers must be able to slide down in their own tube and once at the bottom of the hill they must be able to exit the lane on their own. Anyone tubing must be in their own tube and must be able to get in and out of the tube by him or herself. For our guests with little ones, you may hold on to their tube and go down together, but the child does need to be able to get in and out of the tube by him/herself.
Is there a location to go and warm up?
Yes, Spaces are made available for tubers to warm up, check with the Pro Shop for more details.
Is there somewhere to eat?
Yes, Knickers Pub located just behind the pro-shop has a special Avalanche Buffet and an al a carte menu. We also offer outdoor concessions and picnic tables.
When does AvalancheXpress open for the season?
The seasons start date is based on the weather. We can open as early as Thanksgiving weekend or as late as the second or third weekend in December.
When does AvalancheXpress Close for the Season?
We close daily Operations on March 1st. After this time, weather permitting, we open Fridays at 4pm.  We continue to open Saturdays and Sundays until the snow has melted.
Does AvalancheXpress close for inclement weather?
Yes, AvalancheXpress will be closed if it is deemed unsafe to be open due to weather conditions.
How do I get a job working for AvalancheXpress?
Submit an Application at the resort’s Front Desk. We are always accepting applications!